Where are you?

This is where I honor that quiet is stronger than loud; that substance will always trump status; that real leaders don't obsess over creating more followers (because they're busy creating more leaders). This is also where I share work that I create for myself and others, with some rumination and occasional lolly-gagging along the way.  Other writers, artists, and intellectuals will be invited to do the same in The Honest Q & A's.  Until our paths cross again, please make yourself at home.



In the works…


Creative partner, Sara Farish, and I are creating Ōde, a new book series that shares our love for remote communities. The first volume is our love letter to the place we call home: Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest.


The movie based on my book has been shot and is currently being scored by friend Aaron Zigman (The Notebook, The Proposal, Sex and the City, Wakefield) with a planned release for early spring 2020.